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Kevin Bacon

(no, not that one)

After receiving his Associates degree in Business Management, Kevin graduated from the Hallmark Institute of photography in 1999 with the Top Portfolio of his focus, a combination of Commercial and Portraiture.  Not only did he hone his photography skills, he also met his wife, Elle at Hallmark.  After graduation, they moved to NJ and Kevin spent the next 10 years working in NYC, first as a photo assistant to a celebrity portrait photographer Timothy White and then as the manager of a cutting edge digital capture commercial studio.  Meanwhile Elle continued to work on her calling, Portrait Photography.  In 2009, they decided it was time to finally open their own studio, Beck Photo (Beck which is an anagram for Bacon, Elle, Cameron (our son) and Kevin.  Elle would focus on portraiture while Kevin found a need for professional architectural photography in the real estate industry.  He has since become one of the premier architectural photographers in the area and has photographed over 4,000 homes with hundreds of Realtors.  Capturing the essence of a home has become his passion.  Adapting to an ever changing industry and expanding technology, he as added a myriad of services to offer his clients all the available tools to help market and sell their listings faster and for more money than their competitors.


Besides photographing architecture, Kevin's second passion is capturing birds, and especially birds of prey in their natural environments.  He always has his telephoto lens in his bag waiting for the next opportunity.  

Beck Photo Portraits

Elle Bacon has created her own name and status in the portrait industry.  She has been featured as one of the Top High School Senior photographers in the country.  Her creativity and style are unmatched and she offers every client a one of kind of experience.  Whether you need a new Head Shot for your business, have a High School Senior graduating next year or just want an updated Family Portrait, Elle is the one to call.  

Forest Park 2020 Fall_304.jpg


Meet my amazingly talented wife, Elle and our little fluffers, Isaac.  Two "people" who make me laugh every day and remind me to stay in the moment and enjoy this journey of life.

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