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Birds of Western Mass

When i'm not photographing houses or assisting Elle with her amazing portraits, I like to spend time driving around and walking in the woods looking for large birds.  It started with a pair of bald eagles who live in a reserve just along route 91, in Longmeadow, MA.  I would often see them on top of the highway light post right at Exit 1.  We lived in East Longmeadow at the time and with photographing houses all over Western Mass I'd drive by this area regularly.  So I bought a long telephoto lens and started carrying it around with me in 2019.  It wasn't long before the pair of Eagles were a top the light again.  To my dismay, they actually stayed there long enough for me weave my way through the south side of Forest Park and find an angle that allowed me to capture them together and then taking flight.  I now don't leave home with out that lens and have happened upon many beautiful (and one ugly) Raptors.  Enjoy!

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